A CWF requires some maintenance to guarantee correct functioning and operation. There is always the choice to do it yourself or leave it to a certified maintenance company (which we recommend).

Main issues that have to be dealt with (once a year) are:

  • Pumpshaft inspection: check cleanliness, remove dirt and floating substances, clean the pump(s), check for corrosion and damages, check electronics and power supply.
  • Check septic tank: measure and sample sedimentation on the bottom of the tank, check for cleanliness and damages.
  • Filter inspection: Check for cleanliness of the filtersand, gravel and drains; visual inspection of the reedplants, if necessary sample the filter material. Mow the reed in fall and cover the filter for the winter period.
  • Effluent shaft: Check for cleanliness, remove sediments, sample effluent and check for smell, and clarity.
  • Final inspection of the whole system: check for damages, leaks, smell and fencing.

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