Water is a valuable substance, and life on Earth depends on it. So in many cases it is necessary and a good practice to reuse rain water or grey water. In many developed countries, drinking water still is very cheap, reducing the drive to reuse water, but in many arid (and often lesser developed) countries, water reuse is an absolute necessity. Separate from the financial motives, there is an ecological incentive in reusing water: reduced pumping and purification efforts and a reduced dependence on the available ground water resources.
Wetlantec offers two options for reuse:
Rain water reuse, (from roof to clean water cistern)
Grey water reuse, (from household to secondary use )

Rain water reuse

It rains almost everywhere on this planet, some places more, some places less, here is a nice opportunity to use this water so you can reduce your use of highly purified drinking water. Rain water can be used for irrigation (flower gardens, foodcrops, lawns etc.) or for flushing toilets for instance.
In many countries in the western world, people use between 30 and 40 litres per day to flush their toilets. Depending on the size and cover of your roof, you could try to collect this water, give it a quick filtration and store it in a separate cistern underground and attach the water line to your toilets; or to a separate outside tap for irrigation purposes.
– Watch a video on rainwater reuse.

Grey water reuse

Once you have chosen to treat your waste water on the premises, you might wonder what to do with the effluent. This is water of a pretty good quality and can be infiltrated, or reused for secondary purposes.

Purified waste water can be used for several purposes; irrigation, cleaning, toilet flushing or filling a pond. There is a big overlap in purposes with rain water. Many people combine rainwater and grey water reuse, bringing both sources into one cistern, for multiple (secondary) use. Always make sure that the grey water taps are clearly marked as such, they should never be used as a drinking water source, unless a membrane or ultrafiltration unit has been placed between the cistern and the tap.
Wetlantec will gladly advise you how to set up a reuse system on your property.