A natural, or ecological swimming pond has the major advantage of swimming without chemicals (like chlorine etc.) In a natural swimming pond, no chemicals or synthetic materials are used for disinfection or water purification.

Swimming ponds are normally found in a natural setting: in a National Park, a Provincial Campground, or sometimes in recreational areas. When larger amounts of people are using it, the natural autonomous cleaning ability of the pond gets overstressed and an additional treatment of the water becomes necessary. A flow field, or CWF will do the job, the planting of the CWF will be replaced by several kinds of blooming wetlands vegetation, making it a beautiful sight.

Wetlantec has built several Swimming ponds in the Netherlands, France and Hungary over the last decade. Please feel free to contact us  (link) to discuss possibilities and pricing, We will be happy to offer you a price quote.

Whatever you decide: a natural swimming pond gives you more then just the pleasure of the swim!