The Restaurant and Hotel business is depending on the (holiday) season, events, the weather and other unpredictable factors. As a result, the amounts of waste water produced varies strongly over time. (read more).

Wetlantec Individual Purification Units (IPU’s) which can treat waste water of up to five hundred people per day, tolerates a very irregular inflow of waste water, without loosing efficiency.

An increasing number of Restaurants and Hotels in Europe, have already installed an IPU under ground, but mix the treated effluent with rain water from the roof, to fill a pond or to water the gardens. Of course the waste water from the kitchens will have to pass an oil and grease separator first, before it can enter the IPU.

The Constructed Wetland Filters of Wetlantec, are a reliable and efficient way to treat waste water in a cost effective manner, making the water available for other (secondary) purposes.

The most common solutions we provide:

  • Vertical flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Individual Purification Unit, IPU
  • Septic tank (in combination with the solutions above)
  • Rainwater reuse system
  • Grey water reuse system