Talking about Campgrounds, Leisure parks, Wilderness camps and so on, we all know that they are empty during the  winter season. That means that the waste water flow will be zero during a long period of time.

The intention of many owners is that the waste water treatment system should start up in Spring, without trouble.

The solutions provided by Wetlantec, do exactly that and do stand out because of their reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. When properly maintained, they will provide the users a hassle free solution for many years.

The most common solutions we provide:

  • Vertical flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Individual Purification Unit, IPU
  • Septic tank (in combination with the solutions above)
  • Rainwater reuse system
  • Grey water reuse system

For more information regarding our projects, please visit the “projects” page or contact us directly.

Campgrond “De Couter” near Retranchements (France) had two choices in 2004: either purify their waste water or close down the business. Wetlantec created a vertical flow Constructed wetland Filter of 75 m3 for them, behind a huge sedimentation tank. This worked quite well, despite the fact that the campground was only used at full capacity for three months a year.  The owners decided to expand the facilities with a series of “chalets” (larger cottages) and for that reason Wetlantec was invited in 2014 to expand the size of the CWF to 140 m3.