As a developer, it may be attractive to integrate the water management of a new subdivision in the infrastructure to be built: collecting rain water in decorative ponds, creating artificial streams and collecting road runoff (and melting snow in spring) in a basin that is integrated in the landscaping. Water quality is often a problem in urban areas, specially when it has an impact on public health. Treating the water, using a constructed wetland filter is an ideal solution for that, because it amalgamates easily with the landscape, produces no odours and attracts no harmful animals. These ponds are not only attractive for the potential customers, but are also a valuable source of water for firefighting purposes, as many municipalities require in new subdivisions.

Another proven idea is to collect runoff water from parking lots and store it underneath the pavement, where it can infiltrate or be reused after a quality treatment.

Wetlantec has joined forces with engineers, architects and developers, to come up with intelligent and innovative solutions for the water management in urban areas, using the CWF’s for quality improvement and esthetics at the same time.

Possible solutions are:

  • Vertical flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Horizontal flow Constructed Wetland Filter
  • Rainwater reuse system
  • Grey water reuse system
  • Swimming ponds

Since these applications require tailor made solutions,Wetlantec invites you to contact them to discuss possible solutions for your situation and budget. (link)