In many countries waste water has to be purified, before it can be discharged. In the Netherlands, and in most western countries in the world,  whether you are a business, a farmer, a family or else, you have the obligation to purify your waste water. This can be done in a centralized way by connecting to the local sewer, leading the water to a waste water treatment plant, or individually on your own property.

Our treatment systems are suitable for decentralized treatment of (gray or black) waste water, before it can be discharged, or when you have a gray water recycling system, it can be returned to your water cycle for secondary purposes.

Local solutions are being used more and more in countries where water purification is not (yet) an obligation. People are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers that discharging polluted water means for people and the environment.

Wetlantec offers several options for sustainable sanitation.

An overview of our products:

Water purification

Additional purification


Recreational use

Our core business consists of biological purification processes; our research is focused on optimizing our designs, in order to let Nature do the work as good as she possible can. After over 2000 projects in the last 20 years, the result is that our designs and products are very reliable and efficient. The purification efficiency goes up to approximately 98%.

the most commonly used application is the constructed wetland filter (CWF) [link to cwf’s] one of the most cost efficient, and environmentally friendly ways to purify waste water.

There are three main varieties of wetland filters:

  • Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland 

  • Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetland

  • Flow field 

When available space is a major concern,  we provide the Micro Purification Unit (MPU) is an alternative for the CWF. An MPU gives a similar performance as a CWF but is a is a (mechanical) mini waste water treatment facility.

Although Wetlantec always advises to purify waste water thoroughly, in some cases, a simple septic tank will do the job!  This can be the case with lightly polluted waste water, rainwater runoff or water with non-poisonous suspended solids.Wetlantec also sells cisterns and holding tanks.

There is a continuous improvement in quality and efficiency of our products; on top of this, we developed several innovations, following requests of clients, like a specially modified filter for treating oil contaminated ground water.

There is a well trained maintenance team standing by to ensure the correct functioning of your system. Please check the FAQ for more information.

We will provide you with a tailor made advice, so please feel free to contact us.