As a private home or cottage owner, you may be in the position that you want to treat your (domestic) waste water in a safe, cost effective and easy way. A septic tank does not always provide an acceptable solution. On some occasions you may be forced to do so, but it always better to act proactively and avoid environmental pollution and damage.

Wetlantec has over twenty years experience in providing water treatment solutions for the private sector; environmentally sound, cost effective and conforming to local legislation.

We not only design the system, we normally build it as well and provide you with a maintenance contract, providing a hassle free solution and giving you peace of mind.

We tend to contact the local authorities at an early stage and get them involved in the solution, making them knowledgeable and committed.

The most common solutions we provide:

  • Vertical flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Individual Purification Unit, IPU
  • Septic tank (in combination with the solutions above)
  • Rainwater reuse system
  • Grey water reuse system
  • Swimming pond

The solutions provided by Wetlantec do not cause any odours and do not attract harmful animals like rodents or insects.

For more information regarding our projects, please visit the “projects” page or contact us directly.