Whether you are the provincial, county or municipal sector, water quality issues can be a hard nut to crack, especially because of the price tag. Sometimes it is not clear where water pollution comes from and who is accountable for it. Still the problem has to be solved andWetlantec can be a good partner in this field. We have been dealing with municipal swimming ponds, groundwater pollution, runoff problems, brownfields and cross border water issues just to name few, and our solutions have one thing in common: a sustainable, affordable and biological solution, with minimal maintenance costs and a great reliability.

From a conservation point of view, the Wetlantec CWF’s have been very effective in increasing groundwater and surface water quality, improving the ecological value of sensitive marshlands, protecting wildlife refuges from agricultural runoff and for treating waste water from remote offices, information and visitor centres and incidental events.

The most common solutions we provide:

  • Vertical flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Horizontal flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Individual Purification Unit, IPU
  • Septic tank (in combination with the solutions above)
  • Rainwater reuse system
  • Grey water reuse system
  • Swimming pond

If you are interested to learn what Wetlantec can do for you, please contact us for a consult, we would be happy to team up with you and provide some effective and durable solutions. (link)

Case study

Wetlantec designed and built a large number of constructed wetland filters (CWF) for the Water authority “Zuiderzeeland” (Netherlands), hooking up approx. 350 farms to a decentralized waste water  treatment system at a total cost of $2.1 million. The next alternative: pressure sewers, would have cost at least double that amount.

Tourists on the beautiful island of “Schiermonnikoog” (Netherlands) can safely swim in summertime in the natural swimming pool “de Berkenplas”, due to a constructed wetland filter, built by Wetlantec in 2014, to keep the water clean and safe and prevent harmful algae to develop. The vertical flow CWF filters 285,000 litres of swimming water per day and has a surface of approx. 1000 m2.