Final effluent polishing of WWTP

Water authority “De Dommel” asked Wetlantec to come up with a design for the final polishing of the effluent of their waste water treatment plant in Hapert. This installation would have to remove the final traces of nutrients, like carbon hydrates and Ammonium from the treated water. Wetlantec constructed a specific wetland for this purpose,…


Grey water recovery from Efluent

Grey water or household water, is water applicable for agricultural, industrial or secondary household use, that does not meet the drinking water standards. The municipality of Raalte (together with water authority “Groot Salland” and drinking water company “Vitens” -the Netherlands), ordered an inquiry into the fact whether the effluent of the municipal waste water treatment…


Groundwater purification at a natural gas terminal

In the northern part of the Netherlands, natural gas is being processed, removing traces of water vapour and contaminations. This has caused groundwater pollution that became an environmental burden due to the high levels of benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Wetlantec designed a pilot plant for the remediation of the groundwater situation, using a vertical flow…


Precipitation run-off of highways

The run-off of highways sometimes contains high levels of contamination. In urban areas, where this run-off can not be dumped onto the shoulders, it has to be collected and guided into a surface water body. In order to avoid the pollution to enter the surface waters, it will be purified in a constructed wetland filter.…


Sewer overflow damage control

Wetlantec engineered a unique solution for the reduction or mitigation of environmental damage done to surface and ground water after a sewer overflow, using a constructed wetland filter. This solution is cheaper and more efficient than the usual approach with storage facilities.

Purification of domestic waste water

Before entering the ground water, domestic waste water sometimes has to be purified, in order to remove noxious nutrients, like Nitrates, Chlorine, Phosphates or Ammonium. The constructed wetland filters are a highly efficient way of doing this and in a cost effective way too. In Midland ON, the first CWF was built in June 2014…