An IPU (Individual Purification Unit) system is a very small waste water treatment facility composed of multiple tanks for sedimentation, aeration, and biological processing. The advantage of these systems is the minimal amount of space needed. The whole system can be installed underground and requires only six to ten square metres for a single household waste water load. This fits in most back yards. The effluent quality is very high, so a basic infiltration facility will be sufficient to dispose the treated water.

Units with a capacity up to 200 people can be installed underneath the lawn, with only the manhole covers visible. This is a practical solution when there is no space available for a CWF. When larger capacities are desired, Wetlantec can provide bigger systems (up to 500 people), that have to be installed above ground.

How a Compact IPU works

The purification process of an IPU, is based on a combination of aerobic and anaerobic processes, that occur parallel. The major difference with CWF’s are that an IPU is a very compact structure, composed of polypropylene or concrete tanks, in wich the waste water is being pumped from one tank to the other and being aerated mechanically. By doing so, the waste water is being treated efficiently. The efficiency is a bit lower than with a CWF, but that is being compensated by a very limited requirement of space.

Quality & certificate

The Wetlantec compact IPU was awarded a quality certificate, by the Dutch Scientific Institute for Water and Waste Water Treatment (KIWA) in the highest ranking possible. Currently an application is being processed to get this certificate accepted and approved in Canada too.


The Wetlantec compact IPU is an ideal solution for cottages, camp grounds and restaurants in environmental sensitive areas, with restrictions on the disposal of waste water; other applications are Marina’s, ships, and settlements in arid places, where the effluent has to be reused.