Private applications

As a private home or cottage owner, you may be in the position that you want to treat your (domestic) waste water in a safe, cost effective and easy way. A septic tank does not always provide an acceptable solution. On some occasions you may be forced to do so, but it always better to act proactively and avoid environmental pollution and damage.  Read more.

Business & Industry applications

Waste water from business and Industry normally contain more serious pollutants like detergents, solvents, metals or organic components. Removing these pollutants the traditional way can be very costly, so it requires a more “tailor made solution”; which Wetlantec can offer. Using the standard technology (CWF’s, ICU’s, Flow fields) with some site specific adaptations, it is possible to provide an effective solution for 90% of the problems. Read more.

Restaurants & Hotels applications

The Restaurant and Hotel business is depending on the (holiday) season, events, the weather and other unpredictable factors. As a result, the amounts of waste water produced varies strongly over time. (read more). Wetlantec Individual Purification Units (IPU’s) which can treat waste water of up to five hundred people per day, tolerates a very irregular inflow of waste water, without loosing efficiency. Read more.

Recreational applications

Talking about Campgrounds, Leisure parks, Wilderness camps and so on, we all know that they are empty during the  winter season. That means that the waste water flow will be zero during a long period of time. The intention of many owners is that the waste water treatment system should start up in Spring, without trouble. Read more.

Agricultural/Horticultural and Nursery applications

In the  Agricultural/Horticultural and Nursery business it is all about growing plants and breeding animals. Both need good quality water and that is sometimes a problem: the soil can be fertile and the weather favourable for growing food crops, but the water supply can be limited or of inferior quality. In these cases, it may be necessary to purify the water, before using it or recycle drainage water for reuse. Read more. 

(Real) Estate Developers

As a developer, it may be attractive to integrate the water management of a new subdivision in the infrastructure to be built: collecting rain water in decorative ponds, creating artificial streams and collecting road runoff (and melting snow in spring) in a basin that is integrated in the landscaping. Water quality is often a problem in urban areas, specially when it has an impact on public health. Treating the water, using a constructed wetland filter is an ideal solution for that, because it amalgamates easily with the landscape, produces no odours and attracts no harmful animals. Read more. 

Governmental Interests

Whether you are the provincial, county or municipal sector, water quality issues can be a hard nut to crack, especially because of the price tag. Sometimes it is not clear where water pollution comes from and who is accountable for it. Still the problem has to be solved and Wetlantec can be a good partner in this field. Read more.