Waste water from business and Industry normally contain more serious pollutants like detergents, solvents, metals or organic components. Removing these pollutants the traditional way can be very costly, so it requires a more “tailor made solution”; which Wetlantec can offer. Using the standard technology (CWF’s, ICU’s, Flow fields) with some site specific adaptations, it is possible to provide an effective solution for 90% of the problems.

The solutions provided by Wetlantec, are distinct because of their reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. When properly maintained, they will provide the users a hassle free solution.

The Wetlantec solutions are especially interesting for businesses in remote places, without access to a municipal sewer system, like Sawmills, Mines, Quarries and the Oil and Gas industry.

Dumping the waste water can cause substantial pollution and damage to the environment, so treatment on-site is often the best way to go. The treated effluent can then either be reused, or discharged into the ground  or surface water body.

Also in an urban environment, it is not always possible to discharge waste water into the municipal sewer, due to hazardous content or high levels of pollution that cannot be removed by the municipal treatment plant. In many cases the Municipality or local Health unit will demand that the business does a pre-treatment of the waste water.   The (modified) CWF”s of Wetlantec can be a very effective way of solving this problem.

Since site specific regulations and legislations apply, a tailor made solution is required. Wetlantec will gladly investigate your problem and offer you an affordable solution. Please contact us for more details and pricing. (link)

Possible solutions are:

  • Vertical flow constructed wetland filter, CWF
  • Horizontal flow Constructed Wetland Filter
  • Large scale Individual Purification Unit, IPU
  • Septic and sedimentation tanks (in combination with the solutions above)

For more information regarding our projects, please visit the “projects” page or contact us directly.

Case study

Groundwater purification at a natural gas terminal

In the northern part of the Netherlands, natural gas from the North Sea is being processed, removing traces of water vapour and contaminations. A leaking holding tank has caused groundwater pollution that became an environmental burden due to the high levels of benzene and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Wetlantec designed a pilot plant for the remedying of the groundwater situation, using a vertical flow constructed wetland filter. This installation has been working since 1999 and shows impressive results: benzene levels were reduced from 300 μg/l to less then 1 μg/l ! Currently the installation is processing roughly 40 m3 polluted groundwater per day.