About us

Who are we?

Wetlantec is not just an average company, it is a world wide network of people. These people are all committed to mother Earth, the environment, and water in general. The water especially, for we agree that all life on Earth is entitled to its share of fresh and reliable water; due to it being an essential component of life. Our efforts are focused on this target.

Founder and CEO of Wetlantec is Mr. Tinus Vos who started out as one of the first ecological farmers and cheese-makers, and worked his way up to become, twenty years later, the inspiring force behind a worldwide network of water specialists.

Expo 2000 - Hannover - waterzuivering dak

In 1994 he started his own business “Brinkvos Helofytenfilters” in the Netherlands and 2014, the company constructed the 2000th Constructed Wetland Filter (CWF) that made the company market leader in Europe (and probably the world) Having Branches in seven countries in the world. The company was renamed into “Wetlantec”, becoming effective January 1st 2017

Mr. Vos: “All our solutions are honest and integer for man and nature, on top of this, the solutions are necessary. Combining those factors: honesty and necessity, and you have the core value of our company and it also explains our quick expansion over the world”.

Our motivation

Water:  71% of the Earth is covered with water,

approx. 1% is useable for human consumption

11% of the world population does not have access to fresh and clean drinking water.

The increase in the Earth’s population, versus the decrease in available water (due to industrial pollution, climate change and abuse) makes it so that the available amount of water per human being is going down rapidly. This means we have to stop wasting water immediately and save whatever we can to reverse the process noted above. Treatment, purification and cleaning of polluted waste water is an important step in this process.  At the international workshop “Advances in cleaner production” in Sao Paolo (Brazil) Wetlantec presented a paper called: “Toward a Beneficial Sanitation this paper explains the secondary benefits of the application of constructed wetland filters.

Our approach

We only do our projects in close cooperation with the customer, and our affiliates in the world are local people that know the circumstances and legislation. Our strategy is based on four main topics:

  1. Starting somewhere: enormous amounts of polluted waste water are being discharged without any treatment at all. We started a grass root approach, creating awareness with the people to care for their water. This movement is growing every year.
  2. Low hanging fruit: In many countries it is easy and cost efficient to improve the treatment of waste water with simple and affordable means, that is where we started.
  3. Improving on a local level: By improving the water quality (and quantity) on a local level, it is possible to improve the standard of life of the local population. This implies a better health, more education and more awareness. This automatically leads to:
  4. Getting better on a global level: slowly but steady, the world water situation will improve and we will be able to let every living creature on the planet have its share.

All these topics contribute to a reduction in the demand for drinking water , they fight pollution and improve the hygienic treatment of waste water worldwide.

We happen to know the ‘ins and outs’ of our products, because we have built thousands of wetland filters all over the world. Our management expertise and technical ‘finesse’ make us standing out among our competitors. What else can you expect?

Quality assured and on time.

The projects built and managed by Wetlantec will give you peace of mind because the quality of the product is guaranteed and the company is a certified builder of wetland filters.

Wetlantec is also accountable for the end result. We will build it right and on time!

Turn key solutions.

Wetlantec takes care of everything! Together we specify the solution and agree on the terms and budget, we do the rest. We will be happy to deliver a great product!

Operations and maintenance.

Once the project is finished, we do not simply walk away. Wetlantec is available to its customers for maintaining the filters, trouble shoot them is necessary and operate them on behalf of the customer.

Wetlantec: Why waste water?